October Writer of the Month

Writer of the Month – Sam Morrison, Sophomore

October 2014

Sam Morrison has loved reading and writing from a young age; it was a few years back during an Honors English course that he decided to make the art of writing an essential part of his life. Along with English, music has been a central part of his daily life. Starting with the accordion at age 7 he has traveled the path of music, working on mastering piano, euphonium, trombone, voice and most recently the harpsichord. He loves the two art forms for their ability to create emotion and thoughts in others. In the long run he dreams of being a teacher of both of his loves.


The Loom of Mr. Unknown: An Assassination Interrupted
Fortune wishes to banish me
Have I forgotten how to love, to breathe?
I can feel their presence.
Three wise men have arrived to judge me.
Their vigilance shall persist as mine.
Movement is not an option at the slightest
While those morals cut me;
cut me as in the way I slashed her porcelain face.
Rose nectar slides down her cheek
Sticky and full of a lesser presence.
I could have flown with the gulls,
nigh the mountain range, so close, but so diminished
My suitcase and travelling clothes are ready
To be appropriated into the belly of the law.
Given back gently, I will don them proudly
Avert I the guillotine

Around in sound goes the record
Such a marvelous invention.
I fear I am trapped in the sound
Revolution, revolution, seventy eight revolutions per minute.
This golden horn has my focus.
I can see in these movements and noises
pure memory, recalling Earth while twilight
Screams of sheer amusement.
Death, my dear accomplice…
O! I hear their feet!
The job will be done, the songs almost done
We’ve heard the scherzo and on to fine,
I’ll be nabbed and beaten to a pulp.
Clubs and nets do not faze.
A monster lives within my tainted soul
They will capture it like fowl beasts.
Revolution—spin the tide in
Slower now, a change of tempo?
Take me to Elysium!

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